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Sanitisation, Disinfection or Protection: Which is better?

September 29th, 2016

There are various approaches when it comes to the maintenance of Cool Room Fan Coil Units and Evaporators. These include Cleaning, Sanitisation, Disinfection and Protection, but which approach is better? Here, we summarise the differences between each method:

  1. Cleaning – Cleaning is simply removal of dirt, dust and visible debris such as mould or slime. While the appearance of the unit will be improved, this method provides no ongoing sanitisation benefits. Contaminants including bacteria and fungus are not removed.
  1. Sanitisation – Sanitisation will destroys up to 99.9% of bacteria. Appearance is improved, and bacteria is eradicated for a very short time. However sanitisation does not stop viruses and fungus, nor does it provide any ongoing protection.
  1. Disinfection – Disinfection will eradicate all microscopic organisms. Appearance is improved, and bacteria, viruses and fungus are controlled for a very short period of time. However it does not provide ongoing sanitisation benefits.
  1. Cleaning, Disinfection and Protection – Coolclean’s AerisGuard anti-microbial treatment eradicates all microscopic organisms. Bacteria, viruses and fungus are controlled. Coolclean’s AerisGuard’s treatment cleans and remove contaminants from coils and surfaces. It provides long term residual protection to control, prevent and inhibit mould, bacteria, fungi and odour causing bacteria. Protection is achieved through a biostatic protective coating that we apply after cleaning.

Which method is better?

  1. Sanitisation is better than cleaning.
  2. Disinfection is better than sanitisation.
  3. Cleaning, Disinfection and Protection is best practice. Coolclean’s AerisGuard treatment is a proven, validated system that works.

Performance certified by CSIRO and HACCP, Coolclean offers the AerisGuard protection system for cool rooms, food production areas, and HVAC units in offices, facilities and factories.

The anti-microbial treatment is ideal for fan coil units, wall split systems, evaporators, air handling units and split ducted air conditioning.

Coolclean is an Accredited Applicator of the AerisGuard protection system.

View benefits of AerisGuard treatment: for cool rooms; for HVAC units.

We offer no-obligation quotes for this cost-effective, once-yearly treatment. Contact us to discuss your requirements.




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