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The Importance of Well Maintained Drift Eliminators in Cooling Towers

July 15th, 2016

Blog: Drift eliminators are extremely important in the attempt to control Legionnaires’ Disease as they restrict water droplets from leaving the cooling tower, via the force of the fan. These droplets, known as ‘drift’, have the potential to harbour Legionnella bacteria, which can be inhaled by people within the area.

Coolclean supplies and fits tested PVC drift eliminators, which have been tested in accordance with AS 4180.1, and have a maximum drift loss of 0.002%. 

Enhancing Discharge Stream Efficiency

When drift is kept to the minimum in accordance with Australian Standards, the outside environment is protected. In much the same way, mechanical functionality is protected when drift is controlled within the cooling tower. Fan blades last longer, as do the mechanical subsystems located around the discharge pathways. Since this module functions as a droplet collector, it encounters a wide range of contaminants. The treated water carries particulate matter, biofilms, bacteria, and all manner of biological ‘soup’. A maintenance plan must deal with these challenging factors, through either cleaning or replacement if drift control is to be protected.

Other cooling tower services provided by Coolclean include:

*  Cleaning and disinfection to Health Department Regulations

*  Mechanical maintenance to manufacture’s specifications

*  New fill pack, drift eliminators, air intake louvres

*  Replacement fans, motors, shafts, motor mounts and pumps

*  New water distribution systems

*  Basin recoating/repairs

*  General repairs and spare parts

*  Sunlight reduction

*  AS/NZS3666 Reviews

Note: Who is qualified to repair cooling towers? A person who is employed by a company that specialises in cooling tower work, or a licensed plumber. In each case the company must have public liability insurance and the insurance company must be aware that the insured repairs or maintains cooling towers.



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