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The Importance of Cooling Tower Cleaning and Maintenance for Better Performance

November 16th, 2015

Cooling towers are necessary for the proper function of many large-scale industrial buildings, and a handful of smaller-scale industry-based businesses. Cooling tower cleaning and maintenance should be an integral part of the general maintenance schedule of every organisation that utilises cooling towers.
If you’re contemplating on having a cooling tower cleaned, or if you’re having second thoughts about general cooling tower maintenance and cleaning, then consider the following benefits that can be had:

The Benefits of Regular Cooling Tower Maintenance

Cooling towers, much like any type of industrial equipment, requires regular maintenance and attention, especially if it is it to last long and function at its most optimum capacity. While these are specifically designed to be low-maintenance, and even if they are built from top-notch materials that are resistant to all minor types of damages, regular upkeep ensures that any existing and unseen damage is immediately discovered and properly addressed.

Cooling tower cleaning and maintenance guarantees that your structure:

Lasts longer – with proper care and maintenance, the expected lifespan of your cooling tower is increased.

Functions better – a well-tuned machine functions at peak levels, and a well-cared-for system likewise functions in kind. Even the most minor damage or fault can impair overall performance, but, if discovered and addressed quickly, can be remedied.

Will enable you to save more – addressing problems as they are discovered, to prevent them from becoming a potential complication on a grand scale; that is what cleaning and regular maintenance checking can accomplish.

Operates safely – Legionnaire’s disease can be spread from a dirty, untreated cooling tower, or from a cooling tower that has faulty drift eliminators, leaks, water splash-out or dirty fill pack. Correct maintenance ensures that cooling towers are safe.

An experienced cooling tower maintenance service isn’t as costly as business owners and managers might expect, but well worth the price to be ‘cool’.



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