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The Importance of Cool Room Cleaning for the Food Industry

December 8th, 2015

Blog: A resolute design strategy ensures the incorporation of a cool room will always maintain food at a safe 5 °C, a low temperature that floats above freezing but still keeps food fresh. Long shelf life aside, hygiene is the natural partner in this scenario, a feature that pairs with the chilled environment to protect the stored food from contamination. Fresh the edible stuff may be, but all the freshness in the world will mean nothing if the cooler is kept in an unsanitary condition.

Combating Food Storage Health Issues

A cold cloud of vapour escapes your lips when you stand in a cool room, an exhalation that shows just how well refrigerated the chamber is, but dangers still abound. The food gives off emissions. Humidity has to be controlled, and you suddenly become aware of how essentially “biological” this room truly is. Left to its own devices, the room will gradually succumb to these elements, to moisture and organic traces, resulting in mould and other growing contaminants which can be the source of harmful Legionella and E.Coli bacteria.

12 Months Guaranteed Protection

Full contamination protection for one year is now available for cool rooms. Coolclean is an Accredited Applicator of Aeris products, which not only clean but disinfect cooling assets. Aeris leads the world in the removal of microbial contamination (biofilm, mould and slime), reducing the load on assets and protecting them from recontamination.

Active ongoing reduction in mould and bacteria will ensure that your cool room consumes less energy and maintains correct temperatures, increasing product shelf life. Aeris products combine food-contact-safe compounds, and provide guaranteed protection from microbes and contaminants for one year.

The treatment uses an environmentally friendly bacteria and mould remover that suits all types cool room and HVAC/R assets. All in all, a simple low cost process.

Contact Coolclean  for more information about cool room cleaning and sanitising using quality Aeris products (Coolclean service areas include Vic, NSW, SA and Tas).



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