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Oct 2016: Recent Jobs of Interest: Cooling tower basin reconditioning, Campbellfield

November 8th, 2016

To demonstrate the services we provide and the solid benefits for our customers, below is a recent job of interest.

October 2016 – Campbellfield Vic

Service:  Cooling tower basin reconditioning – 3 coat basin epoxy coating
Approx saving:  90% of cost avoided by not needing to replace tower
Summary:  Basin coating applied to extend the life of the cooling tower for 7 or more years


We visited the site last week to address significant corrosion problems in the basin area of a BAC Fluid Cooler approx. 15 years’ old (photos attached). The basin displayed surface corrosion in all wetted surfaces below the water level.


We recommended a full basin reconditioning – and it was critical to carry this out while the tower was still in a reasonable condition. If the basin condition were to worsen, the tower would need to be replaced.

The following solution was designed to increase the life of the unit:

  • First, we removed the existing surface corrosion by sandblasting.
  • To provide a protective surface, the basin area was painted using a quality epoxy primer, followed by two coats of protective coating.
  • A sealant was then applied to the internal seams. A new suction strainer, access hatch seals and hardware was also added.

Our approach to repairs is to do everything we can to keep cooling towers running for as long as possible, to avoid the high cost of a cooling tower replacement. As a specialist cooling tower maintenance company, we’re able to look at cooling towers objectively and thoroughly, to ensure efficient operation, and avoiding the capital expense of replacement wherever possible.

The client was very pleased with this solution.

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