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Nov 2016: Recent Jobs of Interest: Cooling tower basin resealing and extension, Melbourne

December 2nd, 2016

We’ve just finished this cooling tower basin resealing and extension in Melbourne.

Melbourne CBD – November 2016

Summary:  Cooling tower basin reconditioning – resealing of fibreglass joints in cooling tower basin
Asset:   Tower Thermal Cooling Tower (age approx. 15 years)


We were recently telephoned by a mechanical services company, for a solution to stop water leaking from a cooling tower onto an adjoining roof. The water was corroding the roof sheets and entering the stormwater drain. The leaking water also meant that water treatment chemicals were being lost, potentially creating a biological hazard in the cooling tower (legionella).


We carried out the following actions:

  • The fill pack was removed
  • We then prepared the surfaces by stripping out the old leaking sealant from the joints
  • All joints were resealed by applying a marine grade sealant
  • Fibreglass matting and resin was applied over the new sealant and the basin joints
  • To provide maximum protection from water leakage, we applied fibreglass epoxy flowcoat over each of the joints to completely cover the matting and resin for a seamless, smooth finish
  • The height of the basin was also extended in order to stop the water overflow issue

Our approach was:

  • Firstly, to protect the environment by stopping cooling tower water entering the stormwater to prevent biological hazards (legionella);
  • to stop the roof corrosion;
  • and to protect the other air conditioning assets that are connected to the cooling tower from corrosion due to chemistry fluctuations, such as chillers.

Note: This resealing work can be done for all types of fibreglass units including but not limited to Aquacool, BAC, Coolboy, Lakeside, Temcell, Shinwa and Superchill.

Pictured is an example of fibreglass joint repair to a cooling tower basin.



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