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Mechanical and Component Inspections

Can you afford to wait for cooling tower parts in the event of a breakdown?

A water treatment company is taking care of your cooling tower water quality, but who is looking after its mechanical and general components?

Imagine the impact if your cooling tower fails as a result of faulty parts … or if legionella is identified due to faulty parts compromising water treatment. The system would be shut down, production and earnings losses follow, and with the potential for warranty issues and risk of litigation

AddinspectionsAddress faults before something fails.

Approximate lead times to obtain parts:

…. Can you afford to wait this long?

Coolclean inspects cooling tower components as a preventative measure. We provide a condition report together with photos. An inspection may not identify an issue, but it is better to be proactive, rather than risk faulty components causing disruption, bacterial contamination or poor cooling performance.

Cooling Tower Inspections

A Coolclean mechanical and AS/NZS 3666 inspection includes all cooling tower components that require maintenance, including difficult to access areas.

The inspection includes:

  • Inspect basins for leaks and repairs
  • Inspect fans for cracks, pitch and operation
  • Inspect vee belt, pullies, shafts
  • Apply protective coatings and grease
  • Touch up damaged fibreglass or epoxy coatings
  • Fill pack inspection
  • Drift eliminator compliance

Following the inspection, we will provide you with an independent report, together with photos, and a quotation to rectify any issues.

Why is cooling tower maintenance important? 

  • To reduce liability and Legionella risk.
  • To extend the life of a cooling tower, evaporative condenser or fluid cooler.
  • To reduce exposure to risk and warranty issues.
  • To identify cooling tower operational issues early, so that breakdowns are avoided and corrosion and other damage can be rectified.
  • To reduce energy, chemical and water use.

A cooling tower that is not maintained correctly is likely to compromise performance and safety:

  • Dirty Fill Pack – Reduced performance of up to approx. 30%
  • Dirty Drift Eliminators – Reduced performance of up to approx. 30%; OH&S risk increases by approx. 40%
  • Blocked water distributor nozzles/trays – Reduced performance up to approx. 50%

Coolclean technicians have a full understanding of cooling tower confined space entry and height access regulations. Specialised in-house training enables our technicians to enter all areas, including BAC cooling tower ammonia condensers.

Check that your cooling tower is in good working order. Contact us to arrange for an inspection.