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Panel Protection

Chilled air loss due to the movement of panels in cool rooms is a common issue, and can be a major cost to owners and operators. This is because the original sealant between the ceiling panel joints tends to fail and leak over time.

After approximately 5 years, once the sealant fails, the following typically occurs:

The older the cool room gets, the greater the risk. Inspection by a qualified person is critical to determine if intervention and repairs are required.

Signs to look out for:

 –  Movement in the ‘T’ piece between cool room panels

 –  Buckling, sagging or lifting of cool room panels

 –  Cool room temperature inefficiency

–   Increased power consumption


In order to maintain the integrity of panels in cool rooms and cold storage facilities, Coolclean offers specialised sealing of panel joints. To achieve long term protection against further panel damage and chilled air loss, the correct preparation, choice of sealant and application method is critical.

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