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July 2017: Manufacturers’ basin coatings don’t stop corrosion

July 25th, 2017

Basin corrosion in steel cooling towers can be extremely costly. Once corrosion starts, the process can accelerate quickly. Without effective intervention, it’s likely that large sections will need to be replaced, or the whole unit at great cost.

Corrosion is an ideal environment for bacteria to grow – legionella bacteria thrives on it. Corrosion also causes basin leaks, chemical loss and total failure.

Manufacturers’ basin coatings don’t stop corrosion

Many cooling tower manufacturers use an inferior basin coating, such as ‘ZAM’ (Zinc + Aluminium + Magnesium). In the harsh cooling tower environment, this is a very soft protection that simply doesn’t last. It tends to erode/wear off quickly, exposing the steel base, leading to corrosion of the base metal.

Basin restoration

To restore internal surfaces, Coolclean uses a superior, long-lasting 3-step epoxy coating system. Unlike ‘ZAM’, it doesn’t wear out. The coating forms a hard mechanical bond to the metal surface, protecting the basin from harsh chemical treatment.

Benefits of basin restoration:

  • Legionella is easier to control/risk of a breakout is reduced
  • Water treatment becomes less complex
  • Water savings
  • Improves risk management, public safety and compliance
  • Significant capital savings (repair vs replacement)

Correct priming and epoxy coating of your cooling tower basin together with effective ongoing water treatment, will protect the cooling tower for another 10 years or more – extending its life and optimising the safety and reliability of the unit.

In many cases, the cost to repair a basin is just a fraction of the cost to replace cooling tower cells.

Our advice is to address basin corrosion as soon as it starts.

Don’t hesitate to let us know if we can be of help.

PICTURED LEFT: A Corroded basin. MIDDLE: Red Indicator Coat – provides notice of any wear in the coating system (due to suspended solids), indicates that another top coat should be applied to keep equipment in A1 condition. RIGHT: Blue top coat.



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