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Guard against mould to reduce health risks

October 24th, 2016

AerisGuard treatment now being specified in HVAC tenders

Mould and bacteria, often found in building air conditioning units, can now be safely eradicated for 12 months using Coolclean’s AerisGuard treatment service.

Coolclean is an Accredited Applicator of AerisGuard hygiene treatment for air conditioning units. We’ve been applying the AerisGuard mould and bacteria control system with great success in the HVAC and food industry for over 18 months now. Microbiological tests verify that AerisGuard lives up to expectations, without mould or bacterial regrowth for 12 months.

Many maintenance companies attempt to kill contaminants using regular disinfectants. While they will destroy mould and bacteria on the day, this will typically begin to start to grow back within 4 hours.

Leaving mould spores in the HVAC system can cause health issues and IAQ complaints. Active fungal growth can cause building occupants discomfort and irritation, and can increase the risk of respiratory illness. It is therefore important to implement a pre-emptive plan to prevent mould growth in HVAC systems.

Coolclean AerisGuard treatment is recommended for various indoor commercial or industrial air-conditioning  units, to eradicate contaminants in order to maintain a healthier environment for occupants.

The cost effective treatment is required only once per annum to ensure HVAC systems maintain a high level of hygiene protection.

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