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Sep 2017: Get ready for summer – Are your Fan Coil Units overdue for a clean?

September 5th, 2017

Having cool room fan coils cleaned and disinfected now, will increase cooling output over the coming summer months.

What the outside of units looks like can be misleading. The bacteria and cooling/heat transfer all occurs inside the fan coil unit coil.

4 good reasons to have your Fan Coil Units cleaned now:

  • Saves energy – electricity costs are significantly reduced. After 5 years, a non-cleaned coil unit can use up to 50% more electricity. Dirty and contaminated coils are a significant cost to an operator.
  • Controls mould and bacteria for a minimum of 12 months
  • Correct airflow restores cooling capacity to ‘as new’
  • Improves reliability, reduces breakdowns – often a unit isn’t broken, it’s simply dirty

Coolclean provides specialist cleaning of Fan Coil Units to the food, health and hospitality industries. We are HACCP Food Safety Certified to work in food related areas.

What do the inside of your fan coil units look like? Typically, what we see is clean on the outside, but filthy within. Please see the attached flyer.

Ensure the most efficient and clean operation of your cooling equipment this summer. Contact us for an inspection and quote.



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