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Feb 2018: Blocked drift eliminators found, despite maintenance agreement

February 28th, 2018

These drift eliminators were fitted to a 5 year old cooling tower in Adelaide. Coolclean was recently asked to carry out a Performance Clean on this unit.

“The tower had been on a maintenance agreement since installation, but the state of the unit was, to say the least, disgusting,” says Coolclean’s Darren Driscoll.

Pictured are the blocked drift eliminators.

  • High Legionella Risk: Yes
  • Cooling Performance Compromised: Yes
  • Operating Water Temperatures Up: Yes
  • Fan Needed to Run Continuously: Yes

Higher water temperatures lead to higher corrosion rates, higher chemical use, excessive water loss and strain on the chiller/compressor.

“There is no excuse for drift eliminators to become this dirty and scaled,” says Darren. “Routine cooling tower cleaning and disinfection must include the cleaning of all components.”

Action: We have removed the drift eliminators and cleaned them to remove the scale and dirt.

Legionella risk mitigation practices are essential. Drift eliminators are extremely important in the attempt to control Legionnaires’ disease as they restrict water droplets from leaving the cooling tower via the force of the fan.

Have you checked your drift eliminators? Contact Coolclean if you need assistance.



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