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Cooling Tower Spare Parts – in stock locally, Melbourne

January 12th, 2016

Blog: If you need Spare Parts for cooling towers this summer, there’s no need to wait on slow delivery. Coolclean has a range of PVC spare parts in stock at our premises here in Hallam Victoria. We can generally despatch materials within a week for small quantity jobs, or even faster in some cases for urgent breakdown jobs.

Unlike some other suppliers, we’re able to provide competitive prices, fast quotes AND prompt delivery.

We hold a complete range of spare parts, including fill pack, drift eliminators, air intake louvres and parts, water nozzles, rubber grommets and seals – for all makes and models of cooling towers.

A strainer, a ball float valve or any other spare part for cooling towers, you’ll find it here ….

We recommend Brentwood PVC components – especially their fill pack and drift eliminators as they offer exceptional longevity, and safety. They also ensure strength, durability and outstanding performance, all of which are synonymous with Brentwood.

Components can also be installed as part of Coolclean’s repair service.

View our Spare Parts brochure – we hope you’ll find it useful.

Contact Coolclean and receive a fast quotation for cooling tower spare parts. We have them in stock here in Melbourne should you require them.



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