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Coil Performance Restoration for greater Cool Room efficiency

January 19th, 2016

Blog: Heat exchange coils provide the perfect environment for the colonisation of mould and bacteria.

It would be a stretch of a thin metaphor to say that cool rooms breathe, but there is a similar process at work. Cold air is blown into the room and a set chilled temperature is achieved. Now, should the coils of the cooling unit function improperly, the process then strains to obey the system thermostat. Unfortunately, the coil is so clogged or otherwise fouled that it can’t perform properly. The result is an increase in electrical energy, firstly, and a subsequent rise in interior temperature as the added demand fails to compensate for an unproductive coil. A broken or leaking coil is a matter for a repair engineer, but a dirty coil can quickly be restored to full functionality by initiating a cool room coil cleaning program as part of a maintenance strategy. In other words, enjoy big savings by adopting a preventative mindset.

Dirty coil signs

If the cooling unit is running every minute of every day, then your coils could be dirty. Similarly, energy bills are rocketing even though the thermostat hasn’t been moved from its normal setting. Again, suspect the coils before assuming the worst. The outside of the building may play a part in continually filthy condenser coils, with the input vent sucking in greasy or filth-laden air from the outside. Consider an input stage filter and add this air cleaner to the maintenance program. These are small objectives in the overall scheme, small cleaning tasks that remove dirt and filth, but this one action is often enough to restore the all-important ‘flatline’ performance ethic that you and your clients demand from high-end equipment.

A basic cool room cleaning measure removes layers of dirt from a component of the system, one that only functions properly when every square centimetre of its surface is exposed, fully in contact with the refrigeration fluid and exchange gases that maximise the cooling process. Keep energy demands low and cooling needs uniform by keeping the coils clean.

Coolclean offers a natural enzyme solution to coil cleaning

AerisGuard™ Bioactive Coil Treatment actively protects coil surfaces from contamination, so that the efficiency of the air handling system is maintained over the life of the treatment.

Coolclean’s AerisGuard™ treatment is not merely a surface cleaner, it kills off unseen bacteria and microbes. The treatment is low cost, biodegradable and pH neutral, and provides guaranteed microbial protection. This means that servicing is required only once-a-year.

The process: AerisGuard™ Bioactive Coil Protection treatment is applied to cooling and heating coils after they have been cleaned with AerisGuard™ Bioactive Coil Cleaner and existing biofilm removed. The treatment leaves a thin coating on the coil surface. The product is formulated to release a small amount of the active biocides over an extended period, after which time the Coil Cleaner is used to remove the existing coating and the treatment is re-applied.

Coolclean is an Accredited Applicator of Aeris products. For more information about AerisGuard™ Bioactive Coil Protection for cool rooms and cooling systems visit https://www.coolclean.com.au/our-services/cool-rooms/cleaning-and-sanitising/



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