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Coolclean is pleased to announce our new office in Sydney, located at Level 7, 91 Philip Street, Parramatta.

We are now offering professional cooling tower servicing and cleaning to the NSW market in line with the service level we have provided to the Victorian market for over 30 years.

Contact details for our new office appear below.

We look forward to being of assistance to you.

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In all our time working with cooling towers we must say this is a first. A chewed up 10 dollar note was found in a spray nozzle on a BAC tower in Laverton.

Properly maintaining your cooling tower can save you money!

It pays to check every water distribution nozzle during the service and clean!


Before Coolclean Service: Very poor water flow

After Coolclean Service: Full water flow

  • A cooling Performance boost (Cool!)
  • Improved bacteria control: Chemicals in the water will kill off Legionella bacteria, but when fill pack is blocked chemicals cannot reach the bacteria. The potential is that biological growth becomes far greater than a potential dead leg in a system!

Contact us to discuss cooling tower safety and performance.

Coolclean’s standard procedure ensures that your cooling tower is serviced, cleaned and maintained correctly. Save water, electricity, improve performance, protect the environment and reduce the Legionella risk. ‘5 wins in one service’

Did you know that cooling tower drift eliminators are very important in the attempt to control Legionnaires’ disease? This is because they restrict water droplets (that can contain Legionella) from leaving the tower via the force of the fan. This is known as ‘drift’. No ‘drift’ means no Legionella outbreaks; clean drift eliminators reduces Legionella risk. We can help with expert servicing and cleaning of your cooling tower for public safety and government compliance. www.coolclean.com.au

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Coolclean will remain open throughout the Christmas period, with the exception of public holidays. We will be closed on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years’ Day.

During the busy season, we may be able to help with cooling tower repairs, water leaks, high count Legionella cleans or spare parts. We may also be able to assist with fan coil unit servicing.

Emergency contact details: Phone 03 8765 9500.

We would like to wish all our customers best wishes for a safe and happy holiday season, and a successful New Year. Many thanks for your ongoing support throughout 2018 and we look forward to 2019.

Warm regards,

Darren and the Coolclean Team

Darren Driscoll
Managing Director

Get Coolclean to remove your cooling tower access hatches to inspect the critical components that help control Legionnaires’ disease, and allow the unit to cool water effectively. 

Coolclean remove access hatches to inspect. We quote to repair and make safe. Pictured is an inspection we did 3 weeks ago. 

Any cooling towers you’d like us to look at? Australia-wide. Call us on 03 8765 9500.

Corroded water distribution Coolclean


Health authorities have decided against identifying the building in Lidcombe with a contaminated water cooling system that may have caused the latest legionnaires’ disease outbreak, attracting criticism.

Amid the outbreak that affected five people in the past 2½ weeks, the Western Sydney Local Health District (WSLHD) warned anyone who spent time in the Lidcombe CBD to be vigilant of symptoms such as fever, chills and a cough.


The Victorian health department is reviewing the regulations around cooling towers after a man in his 70s died from legionnaire’s disease in Melbourne’s north.

An elderly woman has also been diagnosed with the disease — the fourth case to be linked to the area around the Airport West and Gladstone Park shopping centres — and health officials warned new cases could still be identified.

All of the patients, who are in their 60s and 70s, are being treated in hospital.


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We’re very pleased to say that Coolclean has expanded beyond Melbourne. We now have plant and equipment in Sydney, Adelaide and Perth – offering cooling tower performance cleaning/inspections.

We’re doing a regular service run at this stage in each of the capital cities.

Director Darren Driscoll explains Coolclean’s service offering: “We are not doing basic routine cleans (basin flushes), as the water treatment reps or site personnel can do that.” Coolclean’s performance-based cleaning/inspection service differs being based on:

– Reducing Legionella risk caused by faulty components
– Reducing water loss and usage
– Reducing chemical loss and usage
– Eliminating surface corrosion on steel cooling tower basins and walls (our RepelCoat system)
– Reducing power usage, saving money
– Protecting the environment from chemical damage via drift loss and waste water loss

We’re now seeing some strong interest for our services in these cities from water treatment companies, FMs and contractors.