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Benefits of Using Aeris Hygiene Products for Cool Room Sanitation and Cleaning

March 31st, 2016

Blog: The natural world is a living, breathing place. Mould and spores inhabit green regions. Bacteria is also an important and healthy part of this living cycle, but natural as this circle of life may be, it doesn’t have a place in cooling our foodstuff in cold storage facilities and production lines. Hygienic storage and sanitary processing form the core of this particular man-managed cycle, where hygiene takes on new and greater importance in this controlled environment.

Benefits of Aeris Hygiene Products

As efficient as industrial-grade cooling solutions may be, they’re also a breeding ground for non-sanitary growths in cool rooms, fan coil units and evaporators. Copper coils and metal fins trap moisture, resulting in a finite quantity of standing water. Tiny microbial deposits would thrive in the drainage collectors and fan units that form the cooling gear if they were left to their own devices. Fortunately, cool rooms can be protected from unsanitary growths by Aeris hygiene products. The formulated chemical deterrents use compounds loaded with special enzymes and anti-bacterial cleaners to stop hygiene-endangering growths.

Incorporates AerisGuard Technology

Cool rooms require specific maintenance in order to maintain cold, clean air within food storage and food handling areas. Aeris hygiene products are manufactured by environmental agents who are fully aware of this reality, which is why there’s no single solution. Instead, a suite of different remedies tailors the solution to each part of the system to eliminate microbial pollutants. A series of hungry enzymes eat bacterial films in cool rooms, which kills the bacteria responsible for Legionnaires disease and E.Coli. And so it goes, with surface cleaners and active biocides coating heating and cooling coils. Every surface, every hidden recess is subjected to this treatment, a cleanliness regime that earns the AerisGuard badge of honour.

On Completing Cleaning

The in-situ elimination of food-compromising bacterial colonies is a tough act, but cool rooms must receive a flow of air that’s been validated for hygiene, simply because microbial’s have a knack for finding new homes. Their medium is both water and air. Water enables growth, heat accelerates that growth, and the fans act as a transportation mechanism.

The Aeris treatment philosophy is a tailored one, a set of solutions that covers every surface in custom-designed enzymes and sanitary cleansers so as to ensure the airflow is always pure and sanitary.

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