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April 2017: Pricing for cooling tower cleans

April 5th, 2017

We’re currently conducting comprehensive cleans on our clients’ cooling towers, however there is industry pressure to reduce pricing to carry out this work. We’re sending the message below to the industry as a whole as we believe that some organisations are heading in the wrong direction. Cooling towers must be cleaned and maintained correctly – not only to address compliance, but to maintain cooling performance and to save money through energy efficiency.

We ask: ‘What type of cooling tower clean do you want?

  1. A cooling tower clean to comply; or
  2. A cooling tower clean that delivers compliance, performance gains and saves money in running costs

No. 2 above is what we provide as part of Coolclean’s standard clean.

Our communication to the industry is below:

Re: Pricing for cooling tower cleans

We’re concerned about the current industry pressure to lower prices for cooling tower water treatment. This pressure seems to be affecting the time allocated for the correct cleaning of cooling towers.

We are raising this issue because we can see the potential for it to affect the quality of work – which can lead to increased corrosion rates, higher operating temperatures, reduced asset lifespan and higher bacteria levels.

We believe that the timeline below should not be compromised, for cooling tower performance and safety. (This timeline is based on Coolclean standard routine clean – one cooling tower, small unit, one man, 4 hours.) Click to enlarge.

Cleaning a cooling tower correctly - Timeline, Coolclean

What benefits could clients receive from each routine cooling tower clean?

  1. To be compliant with the regulations
  2. To improve the performance of a cooling tower
  3. To inspect every component for function, reliability and corrosion
  4. To reduce energy consumption, water loss and chemical loss
  5. To reduce the Legionella risk
  6. To abide by cooling tower manufacturer’s operating and maintenance instructions


You can discount prices, but you cannot discount TIME. To achieve the original designed cooling performance, cooling towers must be cleaned, disinfected and maintained correctly.

A correctly maintained tower reduces electrical energy costs at the cooling tower and the heat source. It also conserves water and chemicals, reduces bacteria levels, limits corrosion and improves performance. While the cooling tower and the system is offline, Cooclean believes that the unit should not only be cleaned, but it should be fully maintained at the same time. One shutdown, one complete service.

At Coolclean, we are keen to work towards maintaining and improving industry standards.



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