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Spare Parts


For ALL cooling tower brands

Coolclean supplies and installs cooling tower spare parts and mechanical components to Australian Standards.

Spare parts and components for all cooling tower brands including: Aggreko, Aquacool, BAC, Baltimore Air Coil, Brentwood, Budge Ellis, Coolboy, Coolmaster, Davenport, Evapco, F Muller, Fibreflow, Fibre Tech, Gatorade, Hamon, Hydrothermal, Lakeside, Linear, Marley, Maxichill, Messan, Muller, Radic, Shinwa, Sulzer, Superchill, Temcel, Thermfresh, Tower Thermal.

We can also retrofit replacement parts to suit your system. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Brentwood Parts

Spareparts - NewWe recommend Brentwood PVC cooling tower components – particularly for fill pack and drift eliminators, due to their exceptional longevity and safety. They ensure strength, durability and outstanding performance. Each component consists of high quality parts made in the USA and assembled in Australia. Modular, easy to handle and lightweight, they’re adaptable to all makes and models of towers.

All Brentwood components are UV stabilised and largely resistant to weather exposure, making them ideal for use in Australia’s often extreme conditions.

These components offer resistance to chemical degradation from acids, alkali, fats, greases, oils, and biological factors, giving them a much longer lifespan and reducing maintenance and repair costs.

We recommend PVC as it presents a lower fire risk – particularly in the case of Brentwood whose components have self-extinguishing characteristics. PVC’s excellent fire rating means that it is safer for people to perform ‘hot work’ in the vicinity, such as grinding and welding.

Spare parts - Fan drives, impellor installing_1173Mechanical Parts

We supply and install a complete range of cooling tower mechanical parts, including fans, motors, shafts, impellers, cowls and coils.

A critical but frequently overlooked component is the ball float valve, because if it becomes damaged, cooling units can overflow or run dry. Our technicians carry ball float valves among spares in their vehicles.


Coolclean supplies all necessary consumables that require frequent checking and replacement, including nozzles, grommets, seals and strainers.