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The Experts in Repairs

With nearly 30 years in the industry, Coolclean has unrivalled experience in cooling tower repairs. We deliver high quality, functional solutions to all of our customers. We provide specialist repair and maintenance services to all towers, including steel, fibreglass, timber, crossflow and counterflow.

Our technicians are fully equipped to enter cooling towers, and to identify performance, efficiency and safety issues that others can sometimes overlook.

Repairs, Rebuilds, Spare Parts, AS/NZS 3666 Compliance

•  Mechanical and component repairs

•  Leak repairs, corrosion repairs

•  Sunlight reduction to wet areas

Parts Replacement (supply and installation)

•  Fill pack blocks  •  Drift eliminators  •  Air intake louvres  •  Splash guards

•  Fan drives, motors, shafts  •  Nozzles, grommets, seals  •  Ball float valves, strainers

Safety and Performance

•  Fabrication and installation of access platforms, hand rails

•  Filtration system installation

Protective Coating Systems

•  Epoxy steel coatings to eliminate corrosion in basins, pipework, fan drives, chemical bund areas, CIP areas and plant rooms

Rebuilds and upgrades

•  When refurbishing old, unsafe cooling towers, our aim is to reuse existing mechanical equipment wherever possible (gear boxes, driveshafts, motors, fans, fan stacks, supports).

•  Rebuilds include new structures, fill pack, drift eliminators, water distribution system, fan deck and casings.

New cooling tower sales and installation

•  Coolclean is the official representative for Fibreflow cooling towers, fluid coolers and evaporative condensers in Victoria and Tasmania.

Spare Parts Stockist

•  Our Melbourne-based factory stocks a range of cooling tower spare parts including fill pack, drift eliminators and air intake louvres.

•  Quality Brentwood materials, fast delivery. Contact us now for pricing. > Spare Parts

All repairs to all cooling towers, including Aquacool, BAC (Baltimore Air Coil), Brentwood, Budge Ellis, Coolboy, Coolmaster, Davenport, Evapco, F Muller, Fibreflow, Fibre Tech, Hamon, Hydrothermal, Lakeside, Linear, Marley, Maxichill, Messan, Muller, Radic, Shinwa, Sulzer, Superchill, Temcel and Tower Thermal.


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Quality, Efficient, Cost Effective Repairs

Whether your cooling tower has a mechanical fault, corrosion, a leak, or needs new fill pack, drift eliminators, air intake louvres or requires protective basin coating, our service technicians provide quality, cost effective repair solutions.

Request a Coolclean Mechanical and Component Inspection to be sure that your cooling tower is operating to capacity. The Mechanical and Component Inspection identifies any faults or operational issues, to avoid costly breakdowns, extend asset life and to see your tower running as efficiently as possible.

Contact us now to arrange for an inspection.



If you are considering a cooling tower refurbishment or upgrade for an ageing cooling tower, we can conduct a comprehensive review to determine its current condition and performance. Our improvement recommendations vary from a minor upgrade of spare parts to a complete cooling tower replacement. Reports include photos. All quotations include a fully itemised costing of services and parts required.

Common cooling tower component upgrades include:

  • Fabrication and installation of access platforms and hand rails to AS 1657-1997.
  • Sunlight reduction to wet areas.

Also see new cooling tower Sales and Installation.

Contact us to discuss your requirements.