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Basin Coating and Fibreglassing

Every steel cooling tower basin should be coated as soon as corrosion starts

Once a basin is corroded, the process can accelerate quickly. Without effective intervention, large sections, or the whole tower will need to be replaced, at significant cost.

Basin corrosion can result in:

The photos below show corroded cooling tower basins. This presents an ideal environment for bacteria to grow. The bacteria is very likely to compromise water treatment and spread legionella to the cooling tower water.

Repair of basin corrosion

Correct priming and epoxy coating of your cooling tower basin, together with effective ongoing water treatment, will protect the cooling tower for 10 years or more. Benefits include extending the life of the cooling tower, while optimising the safety and reliability of your unit.

In many cases, the cost to repair a basin is a fraction of the cost to replace cooling tower cells.

Our products will withstand severe biological conditions – these products have been selected to suit the challenging cooling tower environment.

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Corroded basin 2Basin corrosion repair top coat