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“Being a high quality food manufacturer, we now have the confidence and comfort knowing that our cooling systems are in the best hands possible.” – Ashley Griss, Yumi’s Foods

Cooling system maintenance for performance and safety

CoolClean Badge V5Coolclean specialises in cooling system cleaning, maintenance and repairs. Our approach is to add value through problem-solving expertise and to provide practical, cost effective solutions for our customers.

Cooling Towers: We take a thorough approach to cooling towers. We check all components that can impact performance, safety or compliance of the unit. Our aim is to keep systems running well for as long as possible to extend asset life, reduce capital expense and running costs, and to improve public safety.

Fan Coil Units and other HVAC units: We offer specialist cleaning and hygiene services. Big energy savings can be achieved following professional coil cleaning. At the same time, our multi-enzyme treatment provides ongoing protection from mould and bacteria for a minimum of 12 months.

System maintenance is an integral part of cooling management. Our skilled and experienced team can assist you at every step. With more than 25 years’ in the industry, our ability to offer quality, cost effective services is reflected in the longstanding relationships that we have with our customers.

Based in Melbourne, Coolclean is proudly Australian owned. Service areas include Vic, NSW, SA and Tas. 

Latest News

MEDIA RELEASE 27/4/17: Legionella outbreak in Melbourne – How to help prevent future outbreaks. One critical element is the correct cleaning of cooling towers.

Our Services

COOLING TOWERS – Cleaning, Repairs, Spare Parts, Mechanical Inspections, Sales and Installation. Replacement of drift eliminators, fill pack, air intake louvres.

FAN COIL UNITS – In cool rooms and food processing areas: Cleaning for energy efficiency, performance gains, mould and bacteria control.

AIR HANDLING UNITS – Cleaning for energy efficiency, performance gains, mould and bacteria control.

Other Coolclean services include plate and coil heat exchange acid cleaning, and new gasket supply and installation.

Why choose Coolclean?

    ♦  Over 25 years’ experience

    ♦  Competitive pricing

    ♦  Fast service delivery

    ♦  Fully insured in-house technicians

    ♦  Australian owned

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Coolclean works with companies such as Visy and Bluescope, providing disinfection and repair services, optimising their cooling towers to increase asset lifespan and reduce energy costs.



We clean, repair and replace commercial cooling towers. We also provide mould and bacteria control for HVAC systems.

Food & Beverage

Coolclean provides cooling tower maintenance for food producers such as Nestle, and we apply mould and bacteria control to cool room evaporators, for Yumi’s and others.


Coolclean is trusted by leading healthcare providers including Cabrini Hospital and Barwon Health, who rely on our team to remove bacteria from hospital cooling systems.